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Site visit in 3 days - NEED HELP!

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Hi ladies,


I'm going to Playa Del Carmen in three days and am going to look at the Royal and Blue Parrot for my reception / ceremony. The reason I'm freaking out is that I feel like I need another option to look at... I was considering El Dorado Royale but am leaning away from it given the beach situation and location away from 5th street.


Here is the gist of my needs / wants:


-75 guests estimated

-targeting Nov. 2008 for event

-want to get married on beach

-would like all guests to be able to stay in same place if possible (assuming they want to)

-have a fiance that feels guilty asking guests to stay at an all-inclusive

-would like to be near 5th ave to allow guests to have something to do without cabs...


Anyone have any last minute thoughts for me regarding places to check out?




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I think the Blue Parrot is now Playa Palms and they are renovating the rooms?

Playa Palms Beach Boutique Hotel | Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico | Home

PLEASE let me know what you think of the place, as I didn't get to see it while I was down there.

Another cute little place I heard about is Petite Lafitte:

Petit Lafitte Resort in Playa del Carmen presented by Turquoise Reef Group

It includes breakfast and dinner I believe, but isn't an AI. It is a little further north and new this year, but with the same management as Captain Lafitte something or other than everyone seems to have loved.


I have gotten the opposite pressure (towards AI), with around the same size group, and these are a couple of the places I would have considered if I wasn't pushed towards AI, but I didn't get a chance to see either, so I'd love to hear about them from you!

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