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Originally Posted by majnooni View Post
We're using WeddingWindow.com. It's nice since you can have unlimited photos and pages. But, the interface is a bit clunky to use and can be confusing. We've been very happy with what we have been able to put together.

Wedding Website - Cheryl & Will
I disagree -- I don't think wedding window interface is clunky AT ALL. The page management system is very simple and easy to navigate. Perhaps I am more advanced with using computers, but I still think it's easy to use. It took us about a half hour to initially look at all the options and different kinds of pages, and it was quite easy. You have tons of options, and yes, you can pick lots of different beachy themes too. One of the reasons we chose it also was for the privacy it affords -- you can customize it so you can identify all your visitors, you can password protect, you can make it so your page doesnt come up in a google search...

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