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Your WC and locale recommendations!

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Hey all!


I'm a newbie to this forum and am looking for your advice and recommendations for wedding coordinators and locales! My fiance and I are still in the process of researching so we can figure out whether to have our very intimate DW in Hawaii, Cabo, Isla Mujeres or Playa/Riviera Maya! All of these places are great but we have a special place in our hearts for the Yucatan and would really like to get married in the Playa area. So far I've contacted Papillon Weddings (Juliette Franze) in Isla and am waiting to hear from Xcaret park, La Tortuga Hotel in Playa, and Yazmin de la Mora. We just plan on having either a simple beach wedding or might consider getting married through the Catholic church if it isn't too complicated (St. Francis of Asisi chapel in Xcaret or perhaps a church in Playa). The big all-inclusives aren't really are thing, so we are looking for a much lower key place. After our ceremony, we plan on just having a simple dinner (6 guests - parents, aunts and uncle) with cake and maybe hire a trio to play for us for a bit. Our elderly parents will be joining us, so it's not like we'll be partying all night long - hee hee.


Any recommendations or suggestions you can throw my way would be very much appreciated! Also if you've heard anything about the coordination/services at Xcaret, La Tortuga, or Yazmin, I'd love to hear!


Good luck with all your wedding planning!


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