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When did you have your bridal shower?

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Hi Heidi! My wedding is the week after yours, so I hope this helps.


My bridesmaids are throwing my shower on Feb. 10th or 17th and then my bachelorette party is March 8th. I didn't want it much closer to the wedding. I wanted to be able to write Thank You notes without being in a complete panic because I had other important things to do.


Hope that helps!

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My wedding date is near you guys too, and I think my shower is the 3rd weekend in march, so a month before we leave :)


I hadn't thought of having one, but I was at my girlfriend's shower on Sunday and she's all stoked about organizing it and has even bought my gift! LOL

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Hey Heidi-

my shower is on March 8th, about one month before the wedding. We are having a couples shower (thrown by my mom and friends of the family). We are having a "red stripe" themed shower with everything thing from a huge bucket of Red Stripe beers, red stripe beer bottle decorations to all Jamaican cuisine from a friend of mine that owns a Jamaican restaurant.

we are actually getting together this weekend to finalize the plans.

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Heidi, I live 3000 miles away from all my bm's so we combined my bach party and bridal shower and just had a girls day. We went wine tasting, a nice dinner out and then a slumber party. We had it the last weekend in March, I had it super early just because it was spring break and a few of them are still in school and it was easier for me to travel that week. I also did a site visit that week.

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