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Juan Carlos Tapia, on the other side of the lens...

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As most everyone here on the BDW forum probably knows by now Juan Carlos Tapia is an wedding photographer based in Los Cabos, Mexico and one of the top wedding photographers in Mexico. Ever since I first saw his work for so many of the beautiful BDW brides I have really admired his photographic style. He does great work and fortunately for those of us who are photographers here in the Yucatan Penninsula (east coast of Mexico) Juan Carlos is far away on the west coast! smile36.gif


My assistant and I finally got to meet Juan Carlos in early November when we travelled to Cabo to shoot a wedding at the Esperanza Resort. He told us that he would be in our neck of the woods covering a wedding in Cozumel in a few weeks. I immediately signed on my better half and myself as assistants for the day and we had a great time! It was fun to see Juan Carlos at work and great fun for me to snap a few fun pictures without all the responsibility that comes with being the main photographer for a wedding. I thought I would post a couple of photographs of Juan Carlos "en accion", what do you think?






Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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I was truly blessed by having you there that day eventhough you where working really hard those days with other weddings that you had so thank you again and I hope we can do this again but I hope its me as the second shooter or just helping you at a wedding. As you know I have another wedding very close to where you live so I am hoping we could see each other again in May. and I hope I can take a few pics of you in action.


God bless you & your husband Elizabeth, see u soon.


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Juan Carlos it was our pleasure and it was so fun to see you working it at that great location! (Presidente Intercontinental in Cozumel if anyone is wondering)


Thank you girls it was really fun! Tammy, that is exactly right! He was all over the place but at the same time very patient about getting the shot he envisioned.


Galit, that will be us on the beach in a few short months! Mora, I owe you an email, sorry about that, I really hope to be able to do the session with you here in Merida! Careful with the tamales! :-)

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