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My planning stinks!!

tempus breve

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Hi ladies:


I'm glad to have found this site! I've been engaged for nearly two years now, and I can't seem to make any headway. We've flirted with the idea of having something in Costa Rica, parts of Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica and Thailand, but we just haven't made the plunge with any of those locations. This past weekend, we decided to start with a clean slate, and here's what we know:


1. Guest count will not exceed 100

2. Budget will not go over $25k (though we'll be shooting for $20k)

3. We're shooting for April/May 2008, preferably around the Memorial Weekend holiday.

4. Affordability for guests (and us) is a huge priority, as is comfort (I know I may be shooting for the moon a little bit here).


Any ideas on where to go from here would be most appreciated!

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Welcome aboard,


You have some big decisions to make... but you have help now! I can't tell you how helpful this forum has been to me. I'm getting married in Mexico in May. Have a look at the threads to do with Las Caletas, it would suit your budget and it is affordable for guests to get to Puerto Vallarta, especially from the States. As soon as you choose your spot and book the date, it pretty much just takes off from there.


Happy planning, and remember, we're here!





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Welcome, Welcome! If you want to have a wedding in April or May 2008, you will need to start planning pretty quickly. I just found out that I'm on the later side for getting save the dates out to our AHR in May! Yikes! For 100 guests, Costa Rica, might be a bit too pricey for your budget. I had looked into doing a Costa Rica wedding, but it was on the expensive side for us and our guests. You might want to consider Mexico and then maybe doing a honeymoon in Costa Rica. :-) Good Luck and we'll help any way we can!

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