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Cabo Videographer Recommendation


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Videographer Jorge Ibarra



We received our video last week and I've already watched it a zillion times! It's absolutely beautiful! I felt like we were watching a wedding show on tv of someone else's wedding.. Jorge did amazing work! We received our copy in a beautiful leather case and two other copies in DVD containers with a beautiful cover with pictures of us and also on the DVD itself. The DVD was broken into chapters for easy selection. It contains a highlights clip, ceremony, dancing, toasts, etc. He even captured the fire dancers using their music. It was edited to a T!

Our package included a web version of the highlights clip, enjoy!



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angela, how many hours did you do? (p.s. you should compliment him on the navigation of the website, everything is so clear with prices and hours and what you get, etc!)


omg. im crying your highlights video is so fantastic and is making me so excited to get married!!!! you looked so absolutely beautiful and your day looks like it was so perfect!

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Originally Posted by Wisco4 View Post
Wow, that was great! Thank you for the recommendation. Does he speak english?
Yep! He actually stayed much longer than we paid him for and was willing to split up his time. We booked him for 2 hours but he ended up staying 4:00-8:15.. to capture the fire dancers. Needless to say, we're going to send him a nice gift as a thank you.. He's very good via email and asked us to do a few things on the wedding day (walking towards each other, kissing while he went around us, etc). He even had good ideas for the photographer when we all drew a blank on cute wedding party photos.

I was in a such a lala-land that I didn't even realize there were two guys there during the ceremony.

Our actual full length video is 40 minutes long and he seemed to get everything! Even Matt accidentally biting my finger during our cake cutting.

For anyone on the fence about hiring video for your wedding, DO IT! We went over our budget that I was so careful about, but would be kicking myself right now if we didn't do it. Our friends that have seen it have all said they wished they had video of their day and how they want to get married again. :)
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you only had him for 2 hours? wow! i figured for sure you wouldve had him for 5. you had just one camera then? the pricing on his website says $739 for 2 hours and i was totally on the fence about a video before until i saw yours!

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