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What to do at AHR?

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I am sure there are other threads on this but I am meeting with my DJ on tuesday and have to tell him kinda what I want... and I have NO idea! I was jus trying to get an idea of what you girls have done or think is best. I know I am supposed to do what I want and on and on haha. But I wanted to see what you all think

-Anyone do cutting the cake again?

-Or how about the first dance?

-Throwing the garter

-Catching the bouquet

Am I missing anything?

Thanks a bunch, Im just clueless and have no idea what Im doing haha!

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I got married Nov 1 in Cancun and my AHR was this past weekend Dec 1st. We had a traditional reception (dj, catering, cake etc.) We did the bride/groom intro, a slideshow of baby and wedding pics. We did cake cutting. No bouquet (because why buy flowers again), or garter toss. We did do traditional first dances. I pretty much treated mine like a wedding reception with no wedding. It turned out great- out AHR was not beachy but we incorporated small things like our last song being kenny Chesney - No shirt no shoes no problems and beer in mexico. Good luck!

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I am doing the same thing, kinda. Our AHR will be 2 months after our wedding and we are treating it as a regular reception. We will do the cake cutting, first dance, etc. We will not be doing the bouquet toss or garter toss, just cuz as a personal thing, I don't care for them. Matt does, so we may try to figure out a way to do it w/o making going the traditional route. I dont have any details figured out yet, but I know we will treat it as a regular reception.

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We are doing the entire thing, ceremony and all, at our AHR. The biggest reason for this is most people do not know that it is not the Real wedding, but there are SO many of them that wouldn't be able to go to our DW for financial and other reasons that we thought we would just have a Fake one and go all out.

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