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fans @ pier one

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i went in to pier one today and found flip fans like these: Click the image to open in full size.


except they obviously don't have any names on them. they do have tassels hanging, in all different colors, but the best part is: THEY WERE $1!!!!


so i bought 20. i took the tassel off and replaced w/ a thin orange ribbon. we'll put some kind of tag on it later.


they are in the kids section of pier one. they also had cute table number holders/place cards - a clear block on the bottom (looked like an ice cube) w/ the wire photo holder-thingy on top - both hearts and stars. a box of 3 for $5...also cute for favors...

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yay they finally had them.....1 dollar so excited....i like the tassels our colors are green and brown but i think they are festive...so heres a pic....

Click the image to open in full size.


we do not have a KIDS part in my pier one i wonder if you go online to prier one kids if they have them there....


im so excited this is the cheapest thing i bought for the wedding lol

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