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My dress came in - very happy with the outcome!

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So I have been nervous.. I bought this dress only seeing it on a model online w/o ever trying it on! Yeah, I know gutsy cool.gif In addition, I ordered it from a NJ bridal store (my shopping around to get price down)!! Anyway, I got my dress one month earlier than expected. I was told that the dress will get to the store from retailer on 11/27 and I will receive it on 12/15. I called to check on status on 11/7 and was told it was being shipped out that day and I will get it within 5 business days! So I waited and waited, checking every day to see if I have a package or missing notice, nothing. I called back on 11/27 and found out that I missed the delivery on 11/9 and the dress has been sitting at the post office! So I went and got the box from post office, surprised at how light the box was in my hand and wondered if the bridal store ordered the right dress for me. As soon as I got home I eagerly opened up the box and took the dress out of the bag and it wasn't what I expected! smile41.gif Then I realized it was inside out, duh! relief.gif


Sorry about all the mumbling... fryingpan.gif I am just too excited!! Since it is corset back, I had to get some help to get it on so w/ my MOH's help yesterday I finally have pictures to share. Another good thing is I won't need to do any altering, except for bustling up the train and getting some bras to help me fill out the top since my baby girls refuse to grow up embarrest.gif


Okay, okay, I won't hold you up any longer, I know ya'll just want to look at the pics, heheh.. here they are:



Click the image to open in full size.



Click the image to open in full size.



Click the image to open in full size.

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