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Workplace changes


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I absolutely love my job and the company I work for. After spending years of being miserable about mistreatment in my last job, it doesn't take a whole lot to please me about work.


But, as we're growing so quickly (130 people when I started 4 months ago and now we're up to almost 200, and have opened 2 new international offices, with another one in the works) and implementing things in anticipation of going public, we're evaluating our own hiring methods. About 70% of the company hires are employee referrals.


They do the typical things: background check, references, etc.... The developers have skills based testing they submit. But I just checked my email from home and they sent out this message to everyone saying that they're going to implement a test for all new hires. And what better way to see what they're going to get for candidate results, than to have all the current employees take this test.


So I go to the website and it's an emotional profiling test. I've had to take these in the past and it's not a problem of passing/not passing-----


But----- does it seem odd to anyone else that they are asking existing employees to take this test? I guess I look at it and think, if you're trying to see what results you're going to get back--- then isn't that what this company is for? To tell them the historical percentages of pass/fails, interpretations to the answers, etc...?


I don't know, I just closed the browser for now. I'm curious what other people are going to think about this when they see it on Monday.

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Maybe they're doing it just to have something to compare the candidate's results to? Kind of like a control group type of thing? I dunno, it does seem weird to me - but you'd hope with the company's recent growth they wouldn't be doing it as an excuse to "downsize".


BTW I love your signature pic - you're a great looking family. I can't believe how much Audrey looks like you!!

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I was thinking the same thing...maybe they really like the people they have and they want to hire more people "like" you? And maybe because they like who they have and want to keep you all they don't want to hire someone who would make you miserable?


BTW - this is coming from a person who never had to take anything like this so I don't really know what info they get from it.

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