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Freaking out....just a bit.....


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Okay, so since I was in college I have been advised against the pill. (makes me absolutely crazy and had to see a therapist while on it) Anywho, me and FI have been very cautious about the whole baby ordeal. both of us know we are not mentally THERE yet. Well...this past month we were as cautious as a 5 year old around a pool....and now, I'm late! I know it's our fault, but I'm FREAKING OUT! I mean, I can't even remember the date of my last period exactly, and I am not 100% regular, but I dunno! I don't know what to do! I don't know what we would do! I'm so mad at myself for being so completely dumb about this ENTIRE situation! AHHHHHHHHH eek.gif

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i wouldn't freak out until there is something to freak out about. take a test ASAP and then deal with it. don't get yourself worked up for something you aren't so sure about.


it'll be ok. i can understand if you aren't mentally ready and why you would freak out. but you have options so just try and stay calm for now.

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Originally Posted by StephanieMN View Post
We LITERALLY just went through this yesterday!! I was even talking about moving the wedding date back---again. One thing that can cause you to be late is being stressed. Just take a test in the morning ( fresh pee) and then worry about what to do.
We also went through this a couple months ago. Turns out I was just SUPER stressed. A friend of mine recently gave me some advice "go get the test, then the period will come". Meaning, you could be so stressed that it is causing you not to get your period. Either way, we're here for you!!!! I know it is soooo stressful when you are NOT ready!!!!! Taking the test will help to give you something grounded to go on....

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My period was late last month and I went from thinking a baby would be cool to thinking my life - as I knew it - was over. I freaked so I totally understand what you are going through. I know DH would be an awesome dad but I value my freedom so much right now. So I got my period and felt sad....sweet irony! Anyway, take a test, and if you are you are. You have a loving man and that's super important...just ask someone who gets pregnant by a man that runs. Keep us posted and you know we are here either way :o)

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