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Nordstrom 70% off dresses + free shipping (I Luv Shopping :))

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Hello my little shoppers.....pinkie.gif


My man sent me a link from one of his silly "tech forums" (apparently addiction to forums runs in our family) that posts good deals for a variety of things....anyways here is one that actually gets me jazzed up: Nordstrom's 70% off sale


Women's Apparel - Nordstrom


"Nordstrom has dresses for 70% off. Prices are from $35-$44 ea plus shipping. Use code HOLIDAY07 for Free Shipping on $100 or more."


I broused through and found a few cute dresses that would make perfect inexpensive BM dresses....have fun! Oh, there were some adorable maternity clothes on sale for you lovely preggers ladies....so dang cute!


Scene Strapless Appliqué Dress - Women's Apparel - Nordstrom


Bari Jay Two Tone Satin Party Dress - - Nordstrom


JS Boutique Sleeveless Beaded Mesh Dress - Women's Apparel - Nordstrom


Bari Jay Strapless Chiffon Dress - - Nordstrom


Scene Strapless Appliqué Dress - - Nordstrom

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