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Welcome Letter for Guests

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This is what I wrote in mine. Our wedding is taking place in Mexico next month. Only 4 days after yours :)


Family and Friends,




We are glad that you have made it to Mexico safely and are thrilled that you have decided to join us for what we hope will be a fun, relaxing, and unforgettable weekend. We are grateful for being blessed with such loving and supportive family and friends and cannot put into words how much it means to us that you have traveled so far to be here with us to celebrate such an important day in our lives. We thank you for making the long trip because without each of you, our vision of a perfect wedding would not be complete. Please accept this bag of goodies as a small token of our appreciation.


We look forward to the weekend festivities as we celebrate our marriage and our new life together. We love you and hope that these next few days will be as memorable for you as they will be for us.



Hope this helps!

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