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Q for the ladies who finished their invites...

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Christa - I know a while back you told me you had some advice about adhesive and scissors... girl, I need your help now!


I am finally done buying all the pieces of my invites - paper, envelopes, starfish, etc - and am ready to put them together (woo hoo!). I was wondering if you could share your knowledge of adhesive... that's right, adhesive. I swear, if you told me 1 year ago that I would be writing a post on the internet asking for advice about glue sticks, I would have laughts at you! smile105.gif


But seriously, I need your help... what did you ladies use to glue the invites together. If it matters, I am using Paper Source flat cards and woven grass paper.

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OH lord did I have issues with that. If you would have told me this time last year I would have to make at least 3 trips to the craft store for various types of adhesive for 12 flippin invitations I would have smacked ya. I had to use velum tape for the inserts to my pocketfolds, glue gun for the starfish on the ribbon (I tried two other craft glues before that) and then I used scrapbooking brads to bond two different types of ribbon together for the backside, and then tiny metal brads for the main insert.....sheesh......You can see the pics of the finished invite if you search for my post...since I don't know how to insert it here....sorry! PM me if you have any specific questions...I had to try way too much stuff before one "stuck" pun intended....pinkie.gif

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