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Sephora help

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Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
Whoa Jamie- what is this mascara? It peels off? Sounds interesting.
LOL yeah it totally freaked me out the first time I wore it because I had no idea it did that!!! It's way cool, but I would only wear it on special occasions.

Originally Posted by CaliaA07 View Post
I know the mascara's sound cool...the kiss me she poste and the lash injection a few posts up sound the same. They both make little "lash socks" that just come off....I don't know which one to get hahaha
"lash socks" rofl.gif that sounds about right!

Here's what they have to say about it:

Sephora: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara: Mascara

"Kiss Me Mascara is not an oil-based paint like most mascaras. It is a uniquely formulated mascara that forms tiny "tubes" around your lashes that will not smudge, run, clump, or flake and requires only water to remove."


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I just wanted to thank you girls for your help. I went to Sephora tonight finally and they did my makeup. I told them I wanted bare escentuals and I wanted to look natural. It turned out GREAT! Then when I went to buy it I told them how much I wanted to spend or an estimate. All 3 of them then helped me get stuff a little cheaper. By combining stuff like my bronzer and eyeshadow and my blush and lipstick. They were amazing. I ended up getting the lash injection mascara though and bare escentuals foundation and powder. Thanks girls!!

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