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I will be getting married there in Feb 08!


I have found much better info from everyone here than emailing Claudia...

I have two months and I am in crunch mode.... More of the OOT and misc. DIY stuff. The specifics with the WCs you can do up to the time you are at Dreams and meet with them.


So I had a rough estimate of attendees about 10 months ahead of the wedding date so she could start on the contract. That contract is a work in progress until you get there and meet with her I think.


I have a good idea (from BDW) about the general setup, menus, etc. that we want. I think a couple of weeks before the wedding you will have more consistent communications with them to figure out the details. So don't worry if they are not answering all your questions right now. They have several weddings there a week, so they are very busy :)


I sent her a deposit about a month ago, but some ladies here did not until a few weeks before.


So I would suggest let the holidays pass and then start planning those things you have control over :)

You already got the two biggest things out of the way ~ location and date!

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I was so nervous when I started planning because I didn't know anyone that had been married there, so I felt like I had to gather all of the information immediately. But honestly, there are quite a few of us that have been married there now and a lot of the information is posted here, so I wouldn't worry too much about the details until it gets a little closer.


right now you could decide on a photographer, thats something you should do well in advance, videographer if you want one (the video included with my package at dreams was fantastic) decide on your colors, start working on STD's, a DJ if you're getting one. All the other stuff like meal choices, flowers, chair bows, etc.. claudia doesn't really need to know until a couple months ahead of time, so I wouldn't worry too much about that stuff right now.


let me know if you have any questions!

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YEA!!! Congrats on setting the location and date!!!


I started with a TA about 9 months before the wedding. She really has been great.


I am about four months out right now......April 11th is right around the corner!!! The only things I have gotten done are my STD's, my dress, and my bridesmaids dresses!!!


I am going to Cancun December 3rd to do all the details!!! I can't wait.


So you have plenty of time.....but it definately goes fast. Enjoy!!!

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