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Would luv feedback! :) puhleeeze!!


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Hi Ladies!!! I am sooo feeling overwhelmed!!

We have set our heart on Cabo so at least I have the location, but have no clue on which resort...ugh oh the stress!! I am from Edmonton and have these resorts to choose from..These seem to be our options:

Crown Plaza Cabo



Melia Cabo

Melia san lucas

Posada Real

Presidente Iner-con

Riu Palace

Riu Santa Fe

Royal Soalris

Tesoro Los Cabo

Villa del Pamar


ANy advice on which to pick?!? A few things are really important to me:


I would prefer the resort to only have 1 wedding a day.

Wanna be married on the beach.....

WOuld like a reception after for a few toasts, sum grub, and perhaps a dance or 2....

We have around 50 people joining us and all will be staying at the same resort.


Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!! PLease!!

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Well obviously the reviews area on this site it great to see what problems people may have had with coordinators at different resorts.. but also tripadvisor or just a google search for the hotel name or "Cabo Wedding" will show you reviews/complaints and even video on u-tube type sites.


Are you thinking about working with a travel agent? So many of them are specializing the the destination wedding market and the good ones should be able to point you in a good direction.. I would try to narrow it down to 2 or three possible places.


Are you set on a particular date?


Dreams has more than one wedding or event per day (they don't always but could) but the areas are on complete opposites on the resort and while it isn't a long walk, you would never know the other party was going on.


Have you ever been to Cabo? Would you like to be closer to town or in the Cooridor area (closer to airport)

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Well, I am planning my wedding right now. I am having my guests stay at the Riu Palace, however my ceremony, cocktail and reception will be at Villa del Arco. It is more private and beautiful. I met with Gretel and she introduced me to a wedding cooridnator. Both are excellent.

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Ok, speaking from experience I can say that we were looking around in Cabos as well and agreed that Dreams was the place for us for many reasons (eg, all-inclusive, pics of the place were stunning, outdoor reception areas, Gazebo is beautiful with ocean as background, on-site coordinator had great reviews and it could accomodate our group) and I'd recommend the resort for a wedding in a heart beat. We were luckily the only wedding on our wedding day there and we had ours on a Sunday and the other days we were there, there was only one wedding a day so call it luck but it worked out nicely for all the weddings I saw there including ours. The day before our wedding, there was a wedding with a group of about 150. That being said, they can accomodate large or small groups. Our guests payed about $1200 a piece for 4 nights including air fare, resort and transportation.


Desire looks interesting in theory but it's a different kind of 'adults only' resort in that the pictures on their site include older men in thongs and topless voleyball. Sooo, yeah, fun but not exactly family-friendly wedding resort. smile43.gif


That's my two cents. Happy planning!cheer2.gif

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Wow, I always thought Dreams only did one wedding a day. But that just goes to show what I know. When I was there for the site visit, I think there were two weddings, neither of them on the same day and they were both beautiful!!


From one Albertan to another, Dreams is a wonderful location. Then again, I don't know a lot about your other locations. For my guests, the price for the week shouldn't exceed $2000 (or if it does, it shouldn't be by much; all depending on where they're travelling from) and that's including airfare.

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