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shoot, i think i liked #5, but i always like to read and see what the rest of the thread says and now i forgot! but it was the one with the rectangle boxes and it had the 3 things you need to know, names, date and place! very nice!

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Okay, we decided. For our travel mugs we are using the one with the palm trees. The mugs are going to be blue (I think) and the logo will be in white.

My stepsister is currently working at a company that sells promotional items and is getting us a great price. $2.10 for mugs that the company has listed for $6 on their site. She quoted me $148 for 60 mugs...but we decided to get 90 to be on safe side. She will be quitting this job soon to start nursing school

Glad that is at least done. We might try to make stickers (color version) of the palm tree logo for our favor bags. And I am going to try and work the monkey in somewhere.

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