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Hi, Ladies


I apologize if there is already a new thread for this (i didn't see one) - was just wondering what all of you are planning to do for music.


I know that I've heard that a lot of people are planning on using a CD. Has anyone heard of hiring live music? Thinking of string quartet or a harpist or something ... I'm assuming you can find that sort of thing in Jamaica?

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Originally Posted by FutureMrsButler08 View Post
We're actually bringing cd's and my iPod for backup. I know there are a few songs that I wanted played at the reception that I am sure they won't have and I wanna make sure they are played...

We are gonna just have the stereo playing while I walk down the aisle. Do you all think it will be loud enough especially since I am walking a little distance? Should I bring something to play the musichuh.gif
If you want to play your own cd's during the ceremony, Chandlyn has a cd player so you don't have to bring one!
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