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Free 11x14 poster prints


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UPDATE: All codes have been given away. Be sure to post your projects!!!!!


I have 3 codes for free 11x14 poster prints from shutterfly. Shipping is $3 per poster. I think it's less per poster if you order more than one.


I made 2 collages of my pictures to display at our AHR. But, I still have 3 codes left and don't have any project ideas for them.


You can print one big picture, make a collage using shutterfly, or upload a collage made with other software.


PM me if you would like any of the codes. They expire 11/30.


These are the collages I made:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by robindepaula View Post
That's gonna be nice to display at your AHR, Morgan. What about making a signature collage that you can bring with you to your DW & have your guests sign around a middle image - then you can frame it & it can hang in your home. Just a thought.
I do want to make something like that, but I'd like it to have the group picture in the middle. So I'll probably take a signature mat with us & put the group picture in it once we get it from our photographer.

I thought about making a collage of all of our pictures from vacations, etc. but I think I'm just worn out from photo projects. I might make it some day, but not before these expire on Nov 30th. Everyone gets photo projects from me for christmas, so I've been on the computer way too much lately. I have made 8 collage calendars, 5 photobooks, 2 photomugs, and 4 collage posters, and 2 sets of collage christmas cards in the last few weeks. My eyes need a break! But, Im getting my money's worth from Lumapix. I knew when i bought that software I'd have trouble controling myself.

I still have one code left if anyone wants it.
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