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Wedding rings shopping online or in Prague

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We’re starting to plan a trip to Prague in the spring and thinking it would be such a romantic place! 🥰 We'll be there for about a week, and we’re trying to decide if we should buy our wedding rings online before the trip, or wait and see if we can find them while in Prague.

For those who have been ring shopping in Prague before, what was your experience like? We'd love any recommendations for jewelers or districts to check out. 💍 Did you find the selection and pricing to be better than what you can get online? I suspect buying online would be more cost-effective, but it would be nice to pick them out together in the beautiful city.

Any other tips or things we should consider as we’re deciding? Thanks in advance for the advice!

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"Prague sounds like a dream destination! While buying online might be more cost-effective, there's something special about choosing wedding gift as wedding rings together in a romantic city. Consider checking out jewelry districts like Josefov. Research local jewelers and read reviews. Keep in mind potential language barriers. If the experience is important, buying in Prague could be worth it, but make sure to compare prices and styles beforehand."

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We have been browsing ring designs and prices online, and they seem very tempting. We are almost ready to order them. But you have a point, @jackwilliam11, there is something magical about buying them together in a beautiful country. Thanks for your tip on Josefov jewelry district. It sounds like a great place to find our rings. 😍 We don’t speak Czech, so we will probably start with the shops that have English-speaking staff. Hopefully, we will have a smooth and memorable experience. 

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We are doing our research on our upcoming trip to Prague. I found this YouTube channel on how to avoid tourist traps and scams https://www.youtube.com/@HONESTGUIDE since our trip would involve purchasing jewelry, it’s better to be on the safe side. Which brings up the next question - do we need a local tour guide in Prague? I think we've already decided, but this article might help others who are still undecided https://gowithguide.com/blog/hiring-a-guide-in-the-czech-republic-pros-cons-5572 🤔

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