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welcome3.gif AND CONGRATS!!!


I would recommend talking with a travel agent. They provide great insight on resorts and if people do not have their own TA you can provide them with someone to work with on planning their trip.


Good luck!!

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Originally Posted by amandacz View Post
Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I am so glad I found this forum! After returning from a Mexican vacation at the end of October I became convinced that I must have DW. I've just recently started the planning process and am already feeling a bit overwhelmed. I would like to have the wedding at a resort in Riviera Maya but have no idea how to select which resort. We are planning it for the end of October 2008. Unfortunately the only one I have been to (Dreams Tulum) had the worst front desk staff/concierge service(Mariano specifically) that they almost ruined our entire vacation and ensured that I would never do business with them ever again.

This site has already provided me with a wealth of information! Some of my key questions at this time are:

1. How do you get accurate pricing (especially in terms of giving my guests an estimation on how much it will cost them) prior to booking the resort? Cost is a big factor for our families so we would like to keep the costs down as much as we can for our guests. Right now most internet sites are telling me it is too far in advance to get pricing for the end of October 2008 and available pricing seems to vary greatly from site to site. Also, are you able to negotiate special pricing when booking multiple rooms, and if so, do all the rooms need to be booked at the same time?

2. Who do you book through (the resort directly, a travel agent, travel websites, or things like Apple Vacations) for the best prices/services?

3. What is the proper wedding etiquette for inviting guests/providing them the details on the wedding so they can book it as far in advance as possible?

I can already tell this site is going to become part of my daily routine! :o)
Welcome to the forum Amanda! I think the girls have covered most of your questions, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in...

1) and 2) my fiance negotiated everything with the hotel and in the end, I don't know if it was worth the hassle. My suggestion is to get in contact with a good TA (Tammy, the host of this site is our personal favorite!) who will be able to give you all that information. A TA will also be able to help you with coordinatingyour guest's hotel and flight reservations. Also, I think having a TA gets you more attention and significantly better communication for when you start planning the details of the wedding.

3) anything goes! Girls on this site have used phone calls, emails, and "save the date" cards to let their guests know about their plans to have a destination wedding. I used a save the date with my wedding details and hotel info, and gave the guests a deadline to book their rooms so I can have a proper headcount for the wedding

Hope all this helps! happy planning :)

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I am going through Apple. You can check out prices online at applevacations.com to compare hotels. If you are in a charter city, they may have the pricing for the whole package. If it is not up yet, you can select hotel only and compare the resorts. The charter airfare from Pittsburgh is $577.


When I first started planning, I had two resorts picked out (Dreams Tulum and Barcelo Maya Colonial Beach) but when prices came out, those two were too expensive. Then I started looking again and narrowed it down to Barcelo Maya Caribe and Gran Bahia Principe Coba. I decided on Coba since it is 5 golden apples and not that much more (is around $2614 per couple including taxes for Nov 6-13, 200cool.gif.


My sister got married at Gran Palladium in 2003 and it was very nice. They are also in a reasonable price range.


This site will definitely help you. I also look at reviews on tripadvisor.com (take them with a grain of salt, some people are just complainers) to see what the comments are...plus they have more pics on there.


Good luck with your planning.

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welcome3.gif to the forum, Amanda! You've come to the right place to find all kinds of very helpful information as you plan the wedding of your dreams!! Let us know if you need any help.


Happy planning . . .


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