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Do they allow guys in here?


I'm planning my wedding to my beautiful and most awesome fiancée in Los Cabos, and a google search brought me here. Glad I arrived.


We're hoping for a January wedding... this January. A small one at the Cabo Surf.



I'm sure I'll have some questions and if anyone who reads this has arranged a 10-20 guest wedding at Cabo Surf, please, do PM me. I'd love to chat.




David // San Francisco

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Hi there are a few guy members on here. I dont have any info about Cabo surf sorry, but I know there are a few people on here who were married there. I think Christa was one of them. good luck and happy planning.


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Welcome I don't see why not. I think its great to see men showing interest in preparing and/or actively organizing their wedding. The wedding is as much about the man as it is the woman.


I hate to see how some women make it so much about themselves and become bridezillas.


Good luck. I think this site is really friendly and the participants have great ideas and more than willing to share the before and after. It's a little community of friends.


I've gotten a lot of great ideas...sometimes it;s a bit overwelmling because most of the participants are very creative.



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