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Planning for a makeover before the photo shoot

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Hi, I'm residing in Rosedale. I'm fed up with wearing the metal braces. I remember the first day when I went to school everyone was making fun of me. And I was getting irritated and they called me nicknames. It was during the presentation time I lost my marks due to bad performance. It was because I was conscious of my appearance. Then I was still managing with the metal braces. But I think now it's the right time to do a makeover. I would like to take an appointment with the dentist in Rosedale. I need to do something as soon as possible as I'm planning to go for a prewedding photoshoot next month. Either I need to remove braces or I need to wear invislaign braces which can be easily removable. But I don't know much about the invislaign braces and about the peculiar features of invislaign while compared with the normal braces.Can someone help me by sharing the details on the invislaign treatment?

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