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high-heeled strappy sandals are an elegant choice for an evening affair and go well with glamorous gown. A more casual or informal event at a courthouse is suitable to more casual shoes like dress mules.

But you have to consider more than just the style of shoes for a wedding when you're going to be wearing even an informal wedding gown. Now you have to think about colors and shades, fabrics and alterations and even how detailed the shoes should be.

And you should always buy your wedding dress before you go shopping for your footwear. 

All shades of white are not the same: If your wedding dress is white, take a swatch of the dress fabric with you to match the shoes. If the shoes you want don't match, you might be able to use a bridal rinse to bring them to the correct shade of your dress.
Gown Alterations and Wedding Shoes: When you're going out to try on gowns, make sure you have a pair of shoes with you that are the same height of the shoes you'll wearing for your wedding, including any platform height. When you shop for your shoes, take the shoes with you that used for your first gown fitting so you can find the right shoes for a wedding gown final fitting and for your wedding. It's crucial that you do get your wedding shoes before the final fitting. If you happen to get shoes that are even slightly higher or shorter than the shoes you wore for the alterations, your gown could unfortunately end up too long or too short.
Coordinating the Fabrics for Wedding Shoes and Gown: Use the bottom of your wedding dress to choose the fabric for your wedding shoes. If you have a shiny fabric wedding gown, select satin shoes to coordinate.
The Right Shoes for a Wedding Should Complement Your Gown: The rule of thumb - fancy shoes for a simple dress or simple shoes with a fancy dress. When you go by this rule, you avoid the need for having to match embellishments and details of your gown to the shoes.
If you prefer to have shoes with some embellishments like beading or shiny satin, makes sure the details on the shoes coordinate and blend well with the gown.
If you start early and take your time, you should have no trouble finding just the right shoes for a wedding that both complement the type of affair and complement the dress.

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There are a ton of things you need to do to prepare for a wedding.

1. Set your budget: create a table and list down of all expenditures: food, catering, music, decorations, etc.

2. Choose the place: outdoor or indoor, reserve a venue in advance and have a backup plan.

3. Give yourself time to find the perfect wedding suit/wedding dress.

4. Prepare a list of key people you want to invite. The guest manager app like Guest List Organizer can help you with it.

5. Decide on the wedding music playlist.

6. Choose a photographer, carefully read reviews about them, check their portfolio.

7. Select all the decoration details according to the style and theme of your wedding.

8. Don't forget to read about wedding scams to avoid getting into trouble and losing your money

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Interesting)) I have not tried this yet, but I think they] will not refuse me such pleasure)) These girls agree on anything, always for experiments! I wish my wife was so relaxed, it would be cool!

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Nine to ten Months Before
  1. Set your budget. ...
  2. Pick your wedding party. ...
  3. Start the guest list. ...
  4. Hire a planner if want ...
  5. Reserve your date with venues. ...
  6. Book your waiters
  7. Research for photographers, bands, florists, and caterers...
  8. Reserve hotel rooms if needed

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Hey, you heard of the wedding app. Wedjoy  

Invite Guests

Send invitations to your friends & family with the tap of a button and manage guest lists for both the bride and the groom.

Manage RSVPs Digitally

Enable your guests to respond to your RSVPs through the WedJoy app and collect their travel itinerary for seamless coordination.


Share Moments

Make your guests spread the joy by sharing their captured images & videos through app. Enable them to engage in a fun way (like, comment & share).


Schedule, Travel, And Details

Ensure that your guests are informed in advance about crucial wedding-related details, including event schedule, venue, and dress code.






Introduce your guests through app’s guest list and enable them to converse with each other and become friends before the wedding.


Send Real-Time Updates

Keep your guests up-to-date with last-minute changes and send custom announcements & built-in reminders to them with in-app push notifications.


Share Your Love Story

Your love story is unique & deserves to be told in the most beautiful way to those who are close to you. Share snippets of how two of you fell in love!

Live Slideshows

Bring your wedding moments to life in real time by putting them on a live slideshow with the aid of a projector. All you need is Internet access to present your timeline’s photos.

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Planning to a wedding is very much important. As it is the Biggest day of your life so everything should be planned. There are many Places where you can get married. My suggestions are explore more before fixing.

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It is necessary to study all the proposals and choose the best. Cake, dresses, girls for the bachelor party, food and drinks. Concerning the girls - that's where I ordered! You will not regret, everything went perfectly.

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Wedding Planning  Step 1: Plan Your Budget. Step 2: Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue. Step 3: Buy Wedding Insurance. Step 4: Choose Your Bridal Party. Step 5: Plan Your Wedding Guest List. Step 6: Choose Your Wedding Suppliers. Step 7: Order Your Dress. Step 8: Create Your Wedding Gift List. For More Information You can visit here blog dot bridal dot pk.

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