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Hey guys. So I was just looking for some original ideas that I could make myself or someone else make it for me but found something better. 


I always have a problem finding gifts for any life situation that is why I always ask for help in google. laughing




Found some article about gifts ideas, but this is not about that article, yes there are some good gift tips, but I want to talk about just one of them. So this is the article- https://grafomap.com/blog/unique-gift-ideas/   and the gift I wanted to talk about is that custom map print of whatever you call it. 


Have someone gifted this in any wedding as a gift? I am thinking to add this to my gift list for this year’s wedding as one of the gifts for new couple (My old classmate is getting married)  I think it is very good idea, to gift it to them with a place they first met or where their first kiss was or something like that. 


I wonder how I would ask them where their first kiss was, without getting back 100 questions about why I need to know that. laughing

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