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Hey guys. So I was just looking for some original ideas that I could make myself or someone else make it for me but found something better. 


I always have a problem finding gifts for any life situation that is why I always ask for help in google. laughing




Found some article about gifts ideas, but this is not about that article, yes there are some good gift tips, but I want to talk about just one of them. So this is the article- https://grafomap.com/blog/unique-gift-ideas/   and the gift I wanted to talk about is that custom map print of whatever you call it. 


Have someone gifted this in any wedding as a gift? I am thinking to add this to my gift list for this year’s wedding as one of the gifts for new couple (My old classmate is getting married)  I think it is very good idea, to gift it to them with a place they first met or where their first kiss was or something like that. 


I wonder how I would ask them where their first kiss was, without getting back 100 questions about why I need to know that. laughing

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I just heard about a new idea for wedding registries called Mishkalo, a wedding registry for original art. You can commission portraits of the couple too, based off of a wedding or engagement photo. This could be a cool idea for you and some friends to all go in on together and commission a piece for your friend's wedding! It's a really personal and original gift idea, here's the link if you're interested!


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    • Hello Everyone, I am new here, I heard about this site from a friend of mine that had a destination wedding back in 2012 which was beautiful.  I am leaning towards the DR if I find a place that has all that I am looking for if not Mexico is another great option. Thinking of May 2020 if that is enough time to plan this! I like modern looks, all inclusive for sure.  I definitely want the beach very very close to the pools and rooms, a swim up bar is a must.  I really like the idea of the swim ups in the rooms if possible.  I am going to have friends that bring their kids so it can't be adult only.  I do want to get married on the beach which seems like most of the all inclusive resorts offer. My friend got married at the SENSATORI AZUL BEACH RESORT RIVIERA MAYA and it had all I would want in a resort if anyone has stayed there and has any advice. Thanks for all the help ahead of time.   M&B
    • @JessicaCV - How was your wedding experience? We're getting married there in November - Would love to pick your brain about your experience and the planning process! - Kian
    • They forgot the wedding cake topper   Okay, so no big deal - just a once in a lifetime moment. The upsetting part is the wedding coordinator, Dionne, did not seem at all concerned about the mistake. The only reason we got an apology was because we happened to run into her the night before we left. Our wedding was on Saturday we left Wednesday morning. We were told we could escalate our concern to Riu corporate, the wedding coordinator doesn’t have a supervisor on site. Riu corporate said they did their best and apologized. Brides, go to Jamaica, get married, but do yourself a favor and do not go to a Riu resort, especially not Riu Negril. I am certain there are other resorts that would have been in touch immediately and tried to make up for their mistake. Not Riu.
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