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looking for some honest feedback regarding OOT bags... as I look through past posts I suddenly got a sense of FOMO (or fear our guests will have FOMO). 


here's what we're including in each person's OOT bag:

  • color-changing tumbler
  • travel first-aid kit
  • aloe
  • sunscreen
  • hand sanitizer
  • SPF chapstick
  • kleenex 
  • gum
  • advil
  • pepto
  • wedding brochure/book/info (not pictured)
  • all in a standard paper gift bag

with all that, we've spent about $450 for the 60 bags/adults we have attending. the 5 kids will get some sand or pool toys instead. 


I had planned on fun beach totes/bags, but after talking with FH and MOH - sounds like most wouldn't use it. Sunglasses don't really make sense to me, since I think (*hope*) most people pack their shades for Mexico :) 


I don't know - maybe I'm overthinking it, but is this enough of a gift bag for our guests traveling all the way to Mexico? I'll also add, we are bringing some adult pool toys like beer pong and floats for everyone to enjoy. 


thanks friends!


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Hi - That looks great.  I wish I would have done paper bags.  I am glad someone is still here in the forum. 


I had to reschedule our wedding due to the hurricanes from December to July and our guest list dropped from 45 to 25 or 28.  I bought alot of stuff... 

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Hi!! That actually looks pretty useful  for guests!  I'll maybe add bug spray (wich you can buy in walmart onsite at a good price in the pharmacy section!) and a gatorade powder mix! 


Happy planning!! 

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These bags are awesome! Mine also have mosquito bands, Shout wipes, ear plugs, Emergen C, sunglasses, and we are bringing fans to place on the chairs for the ceremony since it will be outside.

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our guests loved these! they were most pleased with the first-aid kit, sunscreen, aloe and  meds. the cups were cute and most guests did bring them down to the pools. I wish I had put in some battery-fans - the ceremony was so hot! we had hand-fans, but the battery ones would have been a nice upgrade. 

we gave the kids a pool squish ball, a beach ball and a squirt gun - some of the parents took these toys from their kids and brought them into the adults pool - turns out I should have given all the adults squirt guns! 

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