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Planning..leaning Towards Mexico 2018

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Hi –
My fiancé and I are on the hunt for a non-beach destination wedding. We estimate about 40-50 people in attendance from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. We are leaning towards fall 2018. We narrowed our search to Mexico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica based on locations with non-beach based venues.

I loved Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. However, I fear the rest of our family (and many of our friends) just are not adventurous enough. I love a lot of the smaller hotels in Arenal, Costa Rica.
We came across Playa Fiesta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It offers a non-beach based venue. It is a small hotel that allows us privacy and intimacy. The reviews are also pretty incredible. I really have not found another venue that can offer as much as Playa Fiesta.

We are really thinking of booking Playa Fiesta.

Anyone have advice or suggestions for someone beginning the process of planning a wedding in Mexico / Puerto Vallarta / Playa Fiesta Hotel?

Thank you,

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Hi There, TA Wendy here.

I read your post and just wanted to suggest that if you have not yet considered Merida you might want to put on the list.. It is a charming colonial town with much history, beauty and great venues from Haciendas, to boutique hotels to regular resort venues.

Let me know if we at Wright Travel Agency can provide any info for you!

Best to you,

TA Wendy

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