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Laser Hair Removal?

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Hey!! I'm so happy to announce that my marriage is on June 30, 2017. I have started preparations and I'm so excited as the days are near. 

I thought of undergoing laser hair removal from a clinic in Mississauga before my big day. Has anyone here had done it? While researching, I found that laser hair removal doesn't work for people with certain hair or skin color combinations. Is that true? Will there be any side effects after undergoing this procedure? How long will it take for hair to grow back? 

Has anyone here heard about LightSheer Duet laser hair removal method? I have heard that they are quick and comfortable and can remove hairs of most skin type. It seems they need a 4 to 6 sessions for reduction. Is it the same with normal laser treatment? Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm open to any input you have. Thanks!! 


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I just started at Ideal Image!  Eeek so excited!  I've gotten 2 treatments so far.  Getting my chin, lip, and armpits.  I can already tell a difference in my armpits.  They told me it takes 8-10 treatments i think for permanent removal.

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So I've actually done it on my underarms, my legs, my forearms and some brazilian. I've been to a load of different places, and while they were all NYC bases, I have learned a LOT. I can try and answer any questions you might have to the best of my knowledge and experience. 


I'm familiar with the LightSheer Duet. Do you know if it's an alexandrite or soprano machine? Alexandrites Have more of a laser pointer like laser, they feel like a rubber band. Sopranos are supposed to be less painless and have more of a ultrasound like laser. I'm personally not a fan of Sopranos at all. In my opinion, they don't work in the long run.


As far as how many sessions, it depends on the thickness of your hair, your hormones/growth patterns and where it is. For instance, my lower legs took six sessions, I probably only needed five, and my legs have been hair free for about 5 years. My underarms though, took more sessions than I care to remember, and three different laser places. Part of it was because of the above mentioned soprano laser. You bikini, you underarms and your face have similar growth patterns, and have to do with hormones, where as your legs and arms also similar growth patterns. 


Which brings me to my next point, laser hair removal is not 100%. If you want it 100% gone, try electrolysis (which also also for blonde, red and white airs, or darker skin tones). The reason for this laser kills the follicles, but you can still have dormant hairs that could pop up when you hormones change, like with pregnancy or menopause. It will be drastically reduced, but hairs could pop up in those areas in the future. As far as darker skin, or blonde, red hairs and white hairs, the laser reflects and can't pick it up. It's also why you can't be tan.


Also, when they say, stay out of the sun after your appointment, they really mean it. I don't usually burn, and especially not on my forearms and I ended up getting SUPER burnt. Slather that sun screen on. 


Anyway, hope I was helpful!

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