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Destination Wedding -Welcome Gala * Need Opinions *

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Every time I go on vacation, I prefer an early flight this way you get to the tropical country by noon, check in, unpack and can enjoy the day.  This however, also means you leave early on your departure date but you get home in time to unpack, laundry rested for work.


Unfortunately for my wedding, I chose the most economical airline and as a result, the flight times leaving Toronto are 6 p.m. which means the guests arrive late.


As this will be the first wedding for both of us and we only want to do this once:) we are having a legal wedding and we have to be in the country several business days before our guests.  I was kind of upset at first as I wanted to be on the same flight as my guests  but on the other hand, I get to relax a few days and get myself organized.


Most of our guest arrive from North America on Saturday at 9:30 p.m.  We are arranging for guests from Europe,  South America and Asia to arrive a few days earlier as they will be in the air for a day or two and will arrive around the same day/time as us and will also stay several days longer.


As  we will not be on the same flight as my guests, we will not be in attendance to introduce everyone so most will not know each other. We have our separate work friends, we share different hobbies, our families are in different countries and neither of us live anywhere close to our relatives.


Here is where I need your opinion:


We will have a welcome cocktail for guests as they arrive but as guests will want to check in, unpack, get settled and are arriving late after 9 :30 p.m. should I have a welcome reception on the Saturday night or should I organize a Sunday brunch/lunch for everyone to meet each other?  I am not sure if guest may be too tired or will want to relax.  It is also a odd time as guests in Toronto will have to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight after 3 p.m. meals on the flight are not free and the arrive later which means dinner service is over by the time they arrive so they may be hungry.  I am on the fence on what to do.  Part of me thinks some may be excited and may want to mingle other may want to get a good night sleep and enjoy the day which brunch/lunch may be more appealing.


Any thoughts?



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I would suggest doing something the next day after all your guests have settled. With flight delays and cancellations, plus exhaustion from travel, I think planning something the day everyone arrives is cutting it too close.


If you'd still like to do something with your guests the day they arrive, maybe plan something really casual and optional -- like a bar meetup/mingle -- for those who want to take part. But let the official start of your wedding celebration begin the next day when everyone has hopefully arrived safely and gotten some much needed rest! The excitement will still be the same, but everyone will be much more rested and energized to celebrate your union!!!  ;)

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