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Boredom Busters For Guests?

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Hi everyone!


We have a small group travelling with us to Mexico in March and have designated one of the central bars as a great hang-out/meet-and-greet spot for any guests that feel like socializing. I was just wondering if any past brides have left a basket filled with boredom busters (i.e. decks of cards, crosswords, games, brain teasers, etc.) in a basket at one of the bars for their guests to use while at the resort.


I know there is a risk other resort guests might "borrow" items or they may "walk away". I thought maybe a sign on it indicating it was for "guests of XXX wedding" and ensure that the cost of items is relatively low (i.e. total value of $15) in the event it goes missing.





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I honestly think you don't have to worry about keeping your guests from boredom. Destination weddings are so much fun, your guests will have a blast just socializing amongst each other, getting drinks from the bar and just enjoying the fact that they are in beautiful Mexico! :) 

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