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Anyone getting married at breezes?

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cheer2.gif CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME!!!cheer2.gif


I don't know anything about Breezes - but it looks like you've already found a few girls that do! That's the amazing thing about this place! Good luck![/font]

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I have been to the Breezes Superclubs in Bahamas and really enjoyed it. I am getting married May 2012 and would like to select a resort that is reasonable, not too large in size, but most importantly has a location semi-enclosed (gazebo for example) for a group of approx 20-40 people. Perhaps a restaurant. Prefer to have a plated dinner if possible and would love to have the opportunity to pay for a DJ so we can dance at the site and continue the party into the evening.


Can you please suggest a Breezes resort in Jamaica that you would feel fits this description?


Thank you,


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