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Any 2017 Riu Ocho Riu Brides Out There

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Hi - My wedding is in August 2017. So far planning has been ok. The one thing that has been difficult for us is that we are planning on having our wedding at 11am and options for a private reception get costly if you don't have at least 40 guests. So far we are having our ceremony followed by photos and then a private cocktail reception. We also booked a semi-private dinner and then plan on going out with guests to the Disco later in the evening. Unfortunately, we have the Caprice package and don't expect more than 40 people so this was the best we could do as far as a reception. I think they can accommodate a private reception but with a location fee, menu fees, etc.


I'm going crazy wondering about favors, or doing welcome bags of some sort and how I'll be transporting this with me through the air.


To add - our soon to be 10 month old daughter will be traveling with us. Fun! <3 :)


If anyone has a similar situation do tell!



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I'm just starting to plan my July 2018 wedding in Jamaica and just looked at the Riu because we will have our then-6 year old with us. I've gotten info on Iberostar (which I really like) and Royalton, both are in Montego Bay. What other resorts have you looked into?


I plan to skip Save the Dates and send the info and all booking info by the end of this summer. Please share some of your ideas!!! Thanks!

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