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Hello ladies,


We picked the NOW Sapphire as our DW and the date is set for May 2nd, 2017.


I had some questions for past brides or anyone that could be of help.


We are paying for my 2 (soon-to-be) stepchildren (1 of which will be at an adult rate as he's over 12 yrs old). Plus our photographer friend. So paying for 4 adults, 1 child as well as our honeymoon (so already at approx. 15k there)--- so  we are trying to save where we can!


Where there are 5 children so far coming, (that all love to dance), we decided we should have a "reception" of sorts. 

We currently are set up for the "Complimentary" (Your Moments) wedding package.

We decided on the gazebo with the Preferred Pool as the "dance" location. 


We want to have the "dance" so that our photos include our first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, etc. photos... plus the kids would not be allowed at the disco later, AND if we were to opt for the disco instead of a reception, the parents of the other children would have to tend to their kids so I'd be missing 4 wedding party members. 



I'm terrified of all the extra costs. The cost is adding up and I'm not convinced that a "Package" will even help us out either.


We're looking at renting the speakers from the resort (180$ per hour - 3 hours), and cost per additional guest after 10 is 22$ approx. (for the Your moments package) we are currently 30 attendding. Renting the Preferred pool is 1000$ and we are using an off site make up and hair team which wasn't cheap but it was something all of us ladies agreed on.




1-I'm thinking of bringing "fake bouquets" cause they seem pretty costly at the resort. I have 4 bridesmaids, 2 groomsmen and the 2 stepsons. What have some of you done regarding bouquets?


2-In regards to renting the speakers, we have also been in contact with a DJ where the speakers, the DJing would all be included but that would come with a vendor fee on top of their fee so approx 700$  I believe. Do any of you have any tips to share? I hear lots of brides mention a DJ app, how user friendly is this?


3-The lighting or decor... we want it to be very pretty for the photos, do any of you that chose the Preferred pool needed to bring anything additional? Lighting starts at 600$ and bringing your own, you'd still need to pay 100$ per pole to hang them. Any experience advice on that location?


4-During the wedding, do they play music or is that an additional fee?


5-Has the WC given out decor or anything complimentary with this package? i.e. aisle runner or little decorations on cocktail tables, etc or do they nickel & dime you every chance they get?


6-I was thinking of having some sort of video (short one), but not paying an abundant amout, has anyone done this at a reasonable cost? 



Basically - Have any of you chosen the "your moments" package, and if so, could you share your cost saving ideas? We aren't opposed to paying for some extras but just are looking at cost cutting where we can so that we can permit to spend a bit more on our guest bags and "at home party". 


I'm extremely excited about our choice and when I see all the photos our WC posts of the weddings, I'm in awe - I guess I picture that each bride must have paid for the packages and had a much larger budget than we do.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Welcome to our forum community Natty1027, and Congrats on your Now Sapphire wedding next May!!! You're sure to find lots of great resources here to help with your planning questions, so well done on getting off to a wonderful start :)


To show you what a picturesque venue you've chosen, here are some magical wedding moments that matter we've captured there...enjoy!

From our Now Sapphire Wedding Story Album 1:









Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your amazing life journey ahead - cheers!!! Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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Hi @@Natty1027!


You just made a perfect decision, Now Sapphire is doing a really good job at weddings, Juan Carlos, the WC, is one of the best around here. So, you are in good hands, talk to him or his staff, they are there to help you and make things work.

Let me show you some of my photography job, i cover everything, getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, even trash the dress or what about a underwater session at a cenote? Take a look and get some inspiration for your Big Day!

If have any question, just let me know, we are here to help you! 

This is Now Sapphire...











Getting ready for the underwater session :)




Don´t forget to visit my web page and my FaceBook fan page. 

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