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Oh No He Didn't

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He had that little kid look on his face like when they have ice cream and you don't "That's why I deleted your dress hahaha"


"WELL HAHAHA HEHEHEEHEE that ain't the dress. And if you like that just WAIT TIL YOU SEE MY ACTUAL DRESS"


I felt good to finally have one up on him


UPDATE Ever since this incident he has to use my computer. His computer is too slow... Ladies I have to find another place to keep wedding stuff. What about a flash drive? He is snooping. I thought I could get my dress ordered and just hang it in the new walkin closet he built me. (had to put that in) but he is looking.

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I just played- you can password-protect pdf's. You should also be able to convert your jpgs and gifs to pdfs. Open the pdf, go to Document, Security, Secure This Document, Restrict opening and editing..... You should be good from there!



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