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Hi!  My fiance and I are having a destination wedding ceremony in Mexico and have narrowed it down to resorts in 2 different cities - Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel. Both look gorgeous and we are having a hard time choosing which one will be best for us and also our guests!  I personally have never been to Mexico so I purely have hearsay to go off of when making this decision...has anyone been to both or either cities and give us pros and cons?

If this helps at all, we are considering the CasaMagna Mariott Resort in Puerto Vallarta, and the Secrets Aura Resort in Cozumel (an adult-only all-inclusive resort).  We also are getting married in July (I know, not the best time of year in Mexico) because his mom and sis-in-law are both teachers.

Any input is appreciated!

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Update: we are now considering Sunscape Sabor Cozumel  instead of Secrets Aura due to a family member bringing their daughter. So if you know anything about Sunscape that would be helpful as well!

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