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Sandals Changed Video Packages Wont Allow My Personal Music!

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I am soooooo upset right now! I received a call from my wedding planner at Sandals Montego Bay two days ago advising me that Sandals no longer allow copy written music on my wedding video! Meaning, I can walk down the isle to "our song" but the video will not have ANY of our actual chosen music!! How can they do this? They provided me with a list of unknown songs and composers that sound like "karaoke" at best! OMG!!! This is horrible. My FI states we can just bring the DVD home and have it modified with our music. However, thats additional costs for us!  Has anyone else encountered this problem? I also advised her there is no way I will agree to that and asked for a manager to call me back. I haven't received a response as of yet. What are your thoughts?

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