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Hello Ladies,


I'm a newbie here and I need some help. I am planning a wedding for October/November 2017 for around 80 people. Could be more could be less. First of all half of these guests are actually from Puerto Vallarta part of the decision to hold our wedding their in the first place. 2nd of all I have a relatively small budget considering I have so many guests. I'm thinking our budget anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 dollars.(Also FYI I don't know anything about weddings and only what I've read on some other posts)  Does anyone think this can be done or should I cut my losses and decide to do it elsewhere. I don't need luxury I just want a beautiful wedding like any other lady here. And if anyone thinks it can be done can anyone point me to Venue's or places to look into. I don't mind if it's off the beaten path and actually would prefer it. Any suggestions?, or am I out of luck?

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