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Hard Rock Cancun...3 Weeks!

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Hi all, 


Better late than never....definitely applicable here! My fiance and I got engaged at the end of November 2015 and are having our big Indian wedding at the Hard Rock Cancun at the end of June 2016. It has certainly been a whirlwind of planning but I wouldn't do it any other way, we can't wait to get our married life started! As I'm starting (late I know) to get my welcome bag and welcome letter/itinerary/ceremony program/place cards/etc together, I've definitely been directed to this site and its wonderful resources. I can only hope that I have the time and creative juices to get it done! Here's to the next few weeks :)


I was hoping some of you could help me out with a template or two...for maraca tags (I'd seen them on here but can't remember where!), door tags, labels for survival kits. And of course, anything you all think would be something I need but haven't thought of!


Thanks so much!


Wish me luck!

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Welcome to the BDW community Mitzz52!!!


First off we want to say congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It is just around the corner and you must be already counting down the hours until your big day.


BDW forums is an amazing resource for brides and you shouldn't have any trouble getting your questions answered here.


If you have any questions at all, ask away and feel free to PM us any time


Cheers! <3

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Wow! Congrats on your wedding coming up shortly mitzz52 ~  what an exciting time, for sure!!!


Here's a link to a BDW post from a past bride with her survival kit photos: Survival Kit ...and a sample photo... hope it's helpful :)



.....and here's another link with a list of items this bride used and more photos - enjoy!



Wishing you best of LUCK with all the last-minute prep and that everything turns out just the way you envision, or Even BETTER!!! cheers!

Moments That Matter Photography team :)


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@@mitzz52  Congrats and your upcoming DW! Not long to go!


There are a ton of very recent brides that have posted templates for door hangers, welcome letters, maraca tags, etc. including my thread. Definitely do a search up top. If you want to look under specific brides you can try snswedding2016 or perianjay or deecol, calgarybride2015, tygrlilly, ashhtayy and krystalball. Oh yes and meandhim  They all have planning threads and added their templates to their threads and have all been married within the last year and a half. I also have templates at home that I could add in if you get really stuck.


Good luck!

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