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Wedding Gazebo Sheers

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Hi wondering where past brides purchased sheers for their gazebo/altars? If online, which websites did you use? I am getting married at El Dorado maroma sky deck which has a similar gazebo to the Azul properties gazebos.

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Hi there,

I can't help with where to get fabric, but I wanted to share my experience because I almost took my own.


I'm obsessed with DIY especially when I can save tons of money! I took two luggages full of my own decorations. That said, I seriously considered taking fabric for my gazebo but in the end I paid to have the resort do it.


My mom is a drapery designer and we have tons of "leftover" fabric rolls so it would have been free but her advice was that it may not look good since you would have to estimate the amount of fabric you need and guess how you would secure it. What if you take extra rolls but neither of them are big enough to wrap around a column? When it comes to securing fabric on a construction things are complicated especially when you don't know the exact dimensions. Plus, you don't want it to fall apart during the ceremony with the strong wind by the beach.


If you decide on taking your own fabric I would check with your resort if they can put it up for you. If your resort staff can't/ won't put it up, you need to have the manpower and time. It's definitely not a one person job! I would also check if your resort lets you decorate it hours before the wedding?


For me, I had the resources and the manpower but I didn't want my family members to go through the trouble of getting up on the ladder and setting it up for me the day of the wedding.


I guess what I'm trying to say is.. Some things are definitely worth doing it yourself but when it comes to decorating the gazebo it may be worth it to have the resort do it.


My resort had a set price for the fabric and six floral arrangements combined, but ended up negotiating to a lower price to not get two floral arrangements in the back columns. No one would have seen them anyways! I wonder if you can somehow negotiate the price with your resort.





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Hi ladies,


We know that the gazebo for your ceremony is a very important item for all of you. Adventure Weddings has beautiful and different styles that that will give you more options and ideas for this important day.


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