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 I am looking for some chair ties in the color Purple,Yellow and green. If anyone has some to sell that would be great. Or does anyone know where I can get some cheep. I am looking for about 20 of each color.


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@@lorishultz2016 There are a number of sites on the internet that sell them at a pretty reasonable price. I've seen them as low as about 40 cents each in organza. If you want satin I think they cost a little more, but not a ton. If you're only looking for about 20 of each, 60 in total, I'm sure you could get them all for about $40, especially being in the US. The brides in canada are the ones that get killed on the shipping, even more so if it's a US site and they ship internationally.













I got mine at efavormart and they were just great so I would recommend them, but I'm sure if any of the other ladies have had an experience with any of the other suppliers they'll chime in with a review.


Good luck!

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Please see PM

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