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All White Theme/ Boarding Pass Invites

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Hey All!


I am so excited to be able to "speak" to y'all to get some advise. Even though this will be our second wedding the first was here in Texas (mostly for my husbands famil) and a bit more formal (yet fun). Therefore, everything was somewhat easy to put together.....in 4 months!


Now we are planning a renewal in (Trinidad and) Tobago for December 2016, that I'm trying to make more of our personalities: fun and adventurous.


I am looking to

1) Send out boarding pass invites but I am getting stuck. I would like to do the pass/ invite; luggage tag/RSVP and the sleeve. envelopes and the luggage tags.

Did anyone do these and had success with DIY?


2) What are some inexpensive care/welcome package ideas to cater to overseas guests?


3) Anything else I'm not thinking of? ???? The logistics of the ceremony and reception are being handled but I'm wanting to make the experience for guests that are there for a week or so, unforgettable!



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Welcome to our forum community Jinnette and Congrats on your wedding and vow renewal in Trinidad + Tobago this Dec!!! How exciting and what a wonderful plan to show more of your adventurous + fun side :)


You're sure to find lots of ideas, suggestions advice and support from everyone here. Wishing you happy research and all the best with your plans - hope it turns out just Perfect!!!

Cheers, team MTM :)



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Hi @@Missj2873,

I'm in the process of doing my boarding pass invites but I bought a template from weddingpassports.com and have been customizing it. I'm currently debating printing them myself or having a company do it for me.

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@@Missj2873 We sort of DIY for our STDs and will be DIY for our invites as well. We have a friend who's a photoshop whiz. Well, for our needs he is, and he and FI designed our STDs and we sent them off to bluebee printing to get printed. I think for our invites we will have him do the deisgn, send them off to vistaprint for printing and then assemble them ourselves. And by "we" I mean my girlfriends and I.

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