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Karlee's Cuba Wedding November 2016

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Our Bridal Party. 
So we had picked a HUGE bridal party of 7 back last summer.
Actually he picked 7 I picked 6.



Since we went from destination to home and back to destination, I've managed to shed off some of my party.
We are currently down to 3 people each.

In this spirit, I want to share how I "proposed" to my girls even though I'm planning to re propose shortly.






Boy, did I ever have fun making these!

I started off by getting pink and blue boxes. My colours have been blue and pink this whole time! The shade is all that keeps changing.

I picked up the boxes and some of the following items.
1) Sparklers
2) Bubbles
3) Sparkling Wine
4) Lace, Sequins, Jewel Necklaces and Tissue Paper

5) Shot Glasses.


Everything was found at Dollarama, the LCBO, Michaels and Icing.
Each girls name was written in pencil and then I outlined it in sparkle. The little gems on the wine bottles were off necklaces from the dollar store.
The whole project cost me about 70 dollars.
The tags were typed up by myself and traced using a little stencil from Michaels. I originally bought a stamp set and quickly realized id be stamping for days.

The tags said as follows:
"Pop. Clink. Dance. Twirl, I've got my guy now I need my girl. *insert name*, will you be my *insert title*". 

I take no credit for the saying, I just do not recall where I'd found this!
If you would like a copy of the template I used, do not hesitate to ask.

How did you ask your girls (or boys)?? 

Things are slowly coming together. Are actual deadline for deposits is looming. We are currently at 25 and hopefully we will get up to 30 with our photographer(s). Transportation is also almost booked. We are looking at 2500$ for round trip from Windsor to Toronto and back on a school bus!

We also have decided to order our BM dresses from davids bridal in london instead of Detroit. I figure a 2 hour drive to london is safer then risking exchange and duty if I go to the States!
6 months and counting!

Next I want to start my reproposals and my OOT Guest bags!!

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The pics didn't work :( but they sound adorable.


That's quite a bus ride expense but nice of you to include it for your guests. I'll be in Windsor this summer visiting my husbands family :)


I didn't ask mine so cutely.. Just asked lol. I'm lame. If it wasn't for this site (which I found a month or so after invites went out) I would have had the lamest destination wedding ever haha!!!



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Woops! I guess I'll have to post the images after work. I am not that blog savvy.


This site is helping me a lot. I'm hoping my thread gains steam and I can get really good input.


The bus ride is something I think is necessary. Because we're so far and travelling in November , I want to make sure everyone sticks together. This way if something happens to one it happens to all. Because we're so far, we would he looking at parking and more hotel rooms so we think this is best.


So I have some beef with my hotel... they only let me speak to the coordinator thru my travel agent.

This is making it difficult because I feel like I'm swamping her with silly questions.

Did anyone else have this problem?

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No once my wedding was booked my TA stepped away. That sucks :( maybe ask why the TA has to be the middle man?



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