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Canadians Planning Go Get Married In Dr In 2017?

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We wanted January 2017 and wanted our guests to pay less than the other 2000 in the Mayan. Best we found was Dec 1-8 at Sandos Caracol for 1735 from Edmonton


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Just realized you said DR. Sorry!



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Hey Tpenner. No worries. We have been considering Mayan as well. Honestly as long as it is a nice resort for my guests and reasonably priced I don't care. I just don't want people spending all that money for a mediocre resort or bad food etc.

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Looking at February 2017 from Vancouver and yep it seems at least $2500 all inclusive p/p if sharing. (bummer if travelling solo as they get charged more)

I have people coming from London, UK too which is cheaper and they get direct flights!

We switched to DR because Costa Rica was at least $1,000 more p/p.

Much cheaper to fly from TO than Vancouver you're lucky!

We're waiting to confirm our venue before deciding on resort.

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