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Help With Florists And Other Floral Options

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Good morning, 


I am getting married this June at Cabo Del Sol and am looking for some guidance in terms of flowers. I want my reception to look pretty and I want my bridal party to have flowers, but it is definitely not at the top of my budget. I have received a couple of quotes, but the prices are much higher than what I'm used to in Chicago. I don't want to forgo flowers altogether (after all, what would my bridal party carry in their hands), but hopefully someone can provide a more affordable alternative. Is there a flower warehouse nearby? Has anyone had any luck or experience purchasing flowers from Costco or another retailer? Did you use a florist that was reasonably priced? Our table decor will consist of several small vases with single stems or just a couple of stems, so it shouldn't be hard to put together if we had to do it ourselves. 


All advice is appreciated! 



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