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Generations Riviera Maya 2016 Wedding

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I am getting married at Generations in June 2016. We are having the ceremony on the pier and the reception on the sky deck.


Do you have to buy the Christmas lights for the sky deck? I was pretty frustrated when I learned that it is dark up there at night, but they charge you for lighting...




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@@Starum2288 - We are getting married at Generations in December 2016! We are definitely doing our ceremony on the pier but were debating as to whether or not to do the reception on the sky deck or the pier. What made you choose the sky deck for yours? Did you go to a BDR?

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Welcome to our forum community Starum2288, and Congrats on your Generations dw coming up in June!!!


You've chosen a really picturesque venue as you can see in these magical wedding moments that matter we captured there recently....taken from our Generations Wedding Story Album:







Wishing you happy research, and that you find the answers you're looking for that best fit Your plans - Cheers!!! team MTM :)

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I personally didn't want to mess with any sand, and we originally were forecasting around 80 people attending the wedding. So the skydeck was a great location no sand wise and could hold the amount of people. At this point in time, I don't think we will have 80 it will be more likely 60-70, but I still want the sky deck.


I LOVE THE PIER, but I just could picture myself getting married on the pier then partying on the sky deck for the reception.


Have you gone to look at the locations yet? The thing that is tricky with the sky deck as you probably read in the later post I wrote - the lighting. They provide these spot lights that don't look that great to me, and they know this....


The Christmas lights make the space look really nice, but they charge a lot for them. I totally understand them charging something, but $1500 is a lot for some Christmas lights.


They are not 100% transparent with this expense when booking the space, so just be aware of it.

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@@Starum2288 - We haven't been to the location yet. Our TA urged us not to go since she's been there several times and she said that it sometimes can take away from the new/wedding experience by going to a BDR before the wedding. I'm such a perfectionist and control freak its hard for me not to go there though. 


Wow 60-70! That's going to be a big party!!  :)


I emailed our WC about the lighting and she confirmed - $1500... YIKES! I totally agree that is too much for Christmas lights. She sent some pictures over of receptions on the pier and they were very pretty - and free lighting! So we're going to request that instead of the sky deck. I love the sky deck but I wish they would waive the $500 location fee if you have to spend $1500 on lighting. Plus with our wedding in December, I don't want the guests to get cold on the sky deck and a night breeze. 


How are your wedding details coming along? Who did you pick for photography? I wasn't impressed with the Lomas pricing for anything - especially photography. 

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We didn't do the BDR. We just made a weekend trip (and stayed in playa)  to see the resort before officially booking. We also went to a few other resorts. I am glad I saw the resort and locations ahead of time because now I can picture things better and know certain details to ask for (like entering from the restaurant on the pier instead of the stairs on the side).


I think that is smart about the sky deck in December (its very breezy up there).


We still have a lot of details to work on, but im not too worried about it. We will get it all done.


I couldn't agree more with all the Lomas pricing and options. Their website is really bad, but they can do anything you want. And totally agree with Photography. I hated all the options. Since we are having a long wedding, it would cost us a small fortune to use their options. We are actually bringing a photographer as our guest, she is staying 4 nights and we don't have to pay the outside vendor fee.

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Hello Ladies! My wedding is set for October 8 2017 at Generations. So I may be on the wrong thread but I haven't seen one started for us 2017 brides yet. I've read through a TON of these posts and they're all great.


Anyways...I'm SUPER freaking excited.  :D   :lol:  All of our deposits were due last weekend June 5th and I believe we had about 43 or so people pay. We used a travel agent that I met through a bridal Expo here in Northern VA and shes been amazing. We have guests staying at Generations and El Doradao Royale. We liked that it will give guests the ability to basically get 2 for the price of 1 given that they can freely access both hotels. But we wanted people who weren't bringing kids to be able to stay somewhere without kids. lol.


We are having our ceremony on the Pier and the Reception on the Sky Deck. We took advantage of a promotion where we got both locations free ($1000 savings)   ;)


We're planning on doing a welcome dinner for our guests Saturday night when they arrive. The wedding on Sunday at 5pm. And then possibly an excursion Monday. Everyone will go home Tuesday.


We're having our cocktail hour from 6-7 on the sky deck. And we're going with the BBQ Deluxe for our reception dinner and I have read nothing but great things about it. I haven't come across recent pictures though, so if anyone has anyone or knows of a thread that has some...PLEASE point me in the right direction. I read a few mentions of a DJ All Music but not sure where to find info on him. The Lomas site only has a DJ Mix and DJ Max. lol.


A couple questions...is anyone doing welcome bags for their guests? If so what kind of items are you putting in them? I was thinking of a simple tote bag with sunglasses, sunscreen, a tumbler, Advil, some type of favor, a weekend itinerary, and maybe some other odds and ends.


Also are you guys still doing formal invitations? My travel agent mentioned that it's just an extra expense because people are confirmed so it's kind of a given that they'll be there. I'm SUPER non-traditional so I'm beyond ok with that. Especially the saving money part of it.


I thought about doing a fire show for my guests after our welcome dinner the night they arrive. Has anyone else experienced them? And how was it?


Does anyone recommend any particular excursions? I saw someone rave about a catamaran cruise. I was thinking ziplining, ATVs, a cruise or snorkeling. Something fun to do on everyone's last day.


Thanks in advance ladies! I'm SOOOOOO excited. And feel free to ask me any questions. I'd love to see pics of those that are good and married by now.   :wub:

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Congratulations brides from That Moment Photo and Video team!


We gladly invite you to check more of our latest works Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Feel free to contact us for more info! You can select or make your own package! We also assist you with the fee       :)




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