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Hello DW Brides,


Just wanted to share some of the things I've been working on. As a party favor I'm doing Tequila shots.  I purchased small glass bottles with a cork stopper and mini sombreros. They are sooooo cute! I also bought some tags from Esty that say "Take a shot we tied the knot!" with our names and our wedding date on them. Very affordable and they add a nice touch.


Here are pics if you're interested.












Happy planning!


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@@dandi76 cute! where did you get the bottles with the cork tops? will you fill them with booze once you get there? i like this idea a lot!

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Thanks!! @@calgarybride2015 I'm in love with them. Just thinking about how I want to display them at the reception.... maybe a decrative plate?  idk

Hi Ashley,


I bought them off of Walmart.com. I ordered them and had them shipped to my local store to cut down on shipping costs! The box of 18 was around $15. And i measured them...they will hold exactly 1 shot!

Im going to buy a bottle of tequila here at home and bring it down with me in my suitcase.

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Sooooo cute!!! Great idea!



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Hi girls! 

We've had some small tequila bottles and shots for wedding gifts on our beach weddings. And they are a great gift for your guest to take and remember Mexico.

Another thing we've done is setup tequila shots with a piece of lime to hold the seating cards and this way the shot glasses serve as the seating chart. Guests love it since its fun and unconventional.

Here are some pictures:

Tequila shots & table assignment

Tequila shots for table assignment

Small Tequila bottles

Customized tags for your tequila bottles

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Quick update to these shot glasses.... Since we got married at an all inclusive resort, they filled the glasses with tequila for us! I didn't have to buy extra liquor.

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