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Mexico Wedding April 2017

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Hey @@Deannak!

I´m pretty sure you already decided the resort for your BIG DAY!
I think your top three options are the best, the Beach Palace is a great resort, big rooms with awesome views, the food is amazing and the staff and WC are really helpful and professionals.
Talking about Now hotels, specially Now Jade, gives you this "exclusive" feeling with a relaxing atmosphere and a really professional WC, they really now their job, ask them about the Carnival Terrace, that`s a really good option.
I´ve been working in those three resorts, as a photographer, take a look at my job, Think about the getting ready, the ceremony, reception or Trash the dress... this is my business and you are going to love it :)


this is how the sunset looks at Now Jade:



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Hello all! I wanted to let you know about my wedding at Moon Palace in Oct. I had posted before the wedding and wanted to provide an update. We were very pleased with the wedding overall. It was SO much fun and really turned out beautiful. A few recommendations for those of you planning.

1) Get details in writing. The color of our center pieces was wrong and in going back through all the emails and contracts, I realized, it was never written into the actual contract invoice. Also, they got our first dance song wrong and had the wrong lighting for our reception.

2) This was probably just lucky, but the wait staff at our reception were out of this world!! They made sure all our guests were well taken care of, they danced with us, whatever we wanted or needed, they did it and it really brought an extra level of fun to the party! We tipped them well afterward!

3) LOOK for outside vendors!! SO much savings to be had here. I used a local outside florist for my flowers (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres)- Floreria Zazil. QUICK with email responses, AMAZING flowers, exactly what I wanted for half the price of the on-site. I was worried about being "caught" with an outside vendor and having to pay the $800, but the florist, just drove in and met me on the morning of the wedding. She brought the flowers in a box so no one could see what it was. I just had to tell the front desk to let in a friend who was bringing me a wedding gift. Also, I used an outside photographer, Octavio Montes. I did have to pay the vendor fee for him, but even with that and his photo package, I got SO much more and paid less than what the on-site photographer wanted! I'm having trouble uploading photos to this post, but I'm trying to attach some. He was SO amazing to work with. TONS of drop-dead gorgeous photos, quick with delivery. He showed up early and stayed late. I feel incredibly lucky that I found him through this forum and highly recommend all Cancun area brides check out his website!



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