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Hey everyone,


I am having trouble planning my reception location and times. I have a large group of 100-120 people and we are on a budget.




Our ceremony is planned for 5pm at the Tucan Gazebo.


I originally planned to have the cocktail hour at Tucan terrace and reception in the ballroom.


But then I started hating the ballrooms and didnt want to spend a ton of money trying to decorate it.


So then,


I moved the reception to the Carribbean terrace (rooftop) but we ouutgrew the space.


So then I asked to have the cocktail and reception at the Grand Terrace. And our timeline would be as follows:


Ceremony 5-6

Cocktail 6-7

Reception 7-10 (10 is the latest we can go)


My concern is that with a three hour reception, there wont be enough time to have everything done, dances, cake cutting, toasts, and party.


I just need some help.


We are having a welcome dinner the night before and I am thinking of hiring our videographer for it and we can do speeches then.


Any help would be highly appreciated. I am kind of feeling like I shouldve stuck to the ballroom, as I know my guests will want to keep the party going.


Thank you

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thank you so much  @!! I didnt think it would be enough time. The latest we can have the reception outside is 10pm on this terrace, my only other option is to switch back to the ballroom to go later. The beach is also an option, but I don't want it on the beach.


I was thinking if I had the cocktail hosted at the same location as the reception then it will give more "reception time" since people can get to their seats.


Did you feel that a 4pm ceremony still allowed for ample time getting ready? I want to do first looks and bridal party photos before the ceremony. 


I am also worried that a 4pm ceremony will leave my guests outside in the sun longer since my wedding is in june and it will be hot.



I believe this terrace is near the pool, which doesnt close until 6, so I'm not sure how private it will be before then, but for just cocktails im not worried about privacy.


I'm thinking I can follow your timeline. 


Or maybe move the ceremony to 4:30, possibly 4 might be better

cocktails will start around 5:00- 5:15, by the time they get there

And reception will start around 6:00


I'm hoping with the cocktails and reception in the same location, it will feel like a longer reception?

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@@TheBHolders I am less than a month out to my wedding at the Moon Palace so I'm working out some of the same details you are!  Also, I have been there twice and have a pretty good handle on the layout and different locations.  


This might not be ideal but I did want to mention that they have a nightclub at the Moon Palace - Club Noir over in Sunrise.  Last year when I was there a TON of guests from a wedding came over after they were done.  It gave some of the younger people who weren't done celebrating and dancing a change to keep the party going and they had a blast!  It opens Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.   You could always encourage everyone to after party over there! 


Also, I am aiming for a 4pm wedding.  In the winter months the latest they will do the weddings is 4pm.  I haven't worked out the details of getting ready for the day yet but I feel like 4pm will give me enough time to get ready and get some pictures in before.  I have never been to Mexico in the summer though so I can't really say how bad the heat might be :) 

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Hi! Congrats!


I noticed that you had originally selected the Carribbean Terrace as a reception location. Could you please provide some details in regards to the terrace as I'm planning a wedding for 2015.


1.  is the Carribbean Terrace private or semi-private?


2. What is the capacity?


3. What the moon palace quote you for this location?


Thank you!

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Hi, no one has posted in this thread for a while. I am getting married at MP next week! We did the preview of paradise in Jan 2016 . We are doing the Catholic ceremony, and selected the Venado Terrace for reception (~40 people). The on site wedding planner told me she noted my selection, but about 4 weeks ago, they send me my contact which has the reception at a completely different location!! When I told my wedding planner, she said the planner who did our preview doesn't work there anymore and none of my preferences were noted and now the Venado terrace is not available!! They GAVE AWAY my reception location! They offered me the Grand Terrace, but the photos show it is next to an above ground lap pool, not close to the beach as I wanted, and seemed far too big for my group size. After a lot of arguing, they eventually got me the Toucan Terrace, which is similar to the Venado, but in a different spot along the beach. So that is just my 2 cents on the grand terrace as well as dealing with the planners at MP.


I will say one thing that has gone smoothly was choosing my photographer. I highly recommend looking to off site vendors as I was not impressed with the on-site, even after meeting with them. I found our photographer, Octavio Montes, through this forum and he has been amazing to work with so far! I can't wait for him to shoot our wedding! He has a beautiful website and portfolio and I'm getting SO much more for what I am paying (even with the outside vendor fee). Octavio is so friendly and fast with communication. He worked with us on budget as well as some special requests including a video project. He has SO much to offer! Highly recommend checking him out before you sign a contract with the on-site photographer!


Best wishes to all of you!

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I just wanted to follow up on my previous post. Our wedding went very well and the Toucan Terrace ended up being a wonderful reception location. The night we arrived, we visited the terrace and it was SUPER windy, but on the day of our wedding, it was absolutely PERFECT! I'm still not a big fan of MP management. There were details that were messed up: wrong first dance song, wrong lighting which we had paid extra for, upcharging guests upon check in to get rooms they had requested ahead of time. Overall, though, our wedding was a BLAST and I would do it all over again.


Also, I wanted to let you all know that my photographer who I got as an outside vendor, Octavio Montes, was AMAZING!! He arrived early, stayed later than expected and gave us so much more than we could have ever asked for! We received our photos quickly and they are to die for! If you are looking to save some money, but do not want to sacrifice quality, you should definitely check him out. Our photos are honestly one of the best things about our whole wedding! I'm having trouble uploading photos, but I'm going to try!


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